Kelly Monrow Blazes Her Talent In Powerful Music Video “Wake Up”

Singer-songwriter, actress and a woman of many talents, Kelly Monrow presents her authentic self to the audience, sharing experiences and thoughts that are typically not easy to share. And for all that effort, reward does come naturally, particularly in the form of new fans and listeners who appreciate and truly resonate with what Monrow has to say. Niching in the rock/country and pop genres, this diva knows exactly how to captivate the audience, whether through a dynamic song, powerful lyrics or a stunning performance (just like she did in “Wake Up” and previous music videos “The Woman” and “Ain’t Mine”).

Kelly Monrow also released her debut album Scars of Venus that has left numerous women with food for thought. “It’s kind of this whole emancipation process of stepping into womanhood for me and finding my voice,” Monrow told Bridge, “It’s about finding my strength and what it really means to be strong. For me, it’s staying. I used to run a lot and quit so for me, my strength is sticking around.” Check out Monrow’s songs and stay tuned for more!