Kay Flock Has a Completely Different Look in New Jail Photo


Bronx rapper Kay Flock may be locked up but that doesn’t mean he’s sitting idle. In new videos and photo taken from a recent jail call, he appears to have put on some muscle weight.

Kay Flock Debuts a New Look From Jail

Most fans of Kay Flock are familiar with the look he had while making a name for himself as a rising rapper in the game: slender frame and hair pulled back in a ponytail. A new photo circulating on social media, which appears to be a screenshot from a recent jail call, shows Kay Flock shirtless and showing off his muscles. Some of the videos began making its rounds on March 17 on X, formerly known as Twitter. Looks like the 20-year-old rhymer has been passing the time by getting in shape.

The videos from the jail call, which a friend recorded on his own phone, give a closer look at Kay Flock, who now has shoulder-length dreads. The rapper’s friend, whose recording the call, tells Kay the number of people who are joining on what appears to be an Instagram Live account. About 700 people were reportedly tuned into the live video.

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Why Is Kay Flock in Jail?

Kay Flock, who rose to popularity as part of New York City’s thriving drill scene in 2021, was arrested for murder that same year. He’s accused of shooting and killing a man following a dispute outside a barbershop in Harlem, N.Y.

Last year, Kay was indicted on federal RICO charges. Authorities accuse the rapper and seven other people of running the Bronx, N.Y.-based Sev Side/DOA Gang.

Kay Flock is still awaiting trial for murder.

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See Kay Flock showing off what he built behind bars in the photo below.

See Photos and Video of Kay Flock in Jail

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