Kanye West Roasted After Photos Show Him Wearing Leggings


Kanye West was recently spotted sporting skin-tight leggings and the internet has been mercilessly clowning the rapper-producer.

On Wednesday (May 3), photos surfaced of Kanye West walking around in a form-fitting pair of black leggings. The photos were reportedly taken following Ye’s Yeezy Season 10 fashion show in Los Angeles on May 1. Twitter users have been sounding off about the bold fashion choice, which Ye completed with a pair of his newly designed sock-shoes.

“Why have I just seen a pic of kanye west wearing leggings,” one confused Twitter user posted along with a dizzy emoji.

“I really like Kanye West I bought you the Yeezy pairs and you are wearing leggings????? Nannnn Kanye I’m gonna send the yeezy back,” someone else posted.

“Not Yeggings,” another person added with a crying laughing emoji.

“Be Cool He About to Hoop He Forgot His Shorts In The Whip,” reads another post.

This isn’t the first time recently that Kanye West‘s appearance has caught people off guard. Last week, new photos and video of the rapper surfaced that showed him with an unkempt beard and appearing to have gained some weight.

Ye is back outside, having recently put on his aforementioned Yeezy Season 10 fashion show from his new Yeezy office on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The secret showcase featured models with shaved heads wearing off-white skin-tight tops and black pants.

See Photos of Kanye West Rocking Leggings and Reactions Below

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