K LO K / Broke In A Minute- Spanish Remix: Looch Bodega

Toronto Urban Latin Artist “Looch Bodega” drops a visual and remix to the K LO K/
Broke In A Minute tracks by Tory Lanez presented by 180THEBRAND, which can be
found on his LoochBodegaVEVO account on YouTube. The project is a collaboration
between numerous creative forces featuring one of Toronto’s Top Latin Producers
Kadel, Director/Owner of Vara Films: Diego Vara, who is based out Toronto and New
York City, Joe Harbans the Director of Branding at 180THEBRAND, Kyle De Abreu
the Chief Executive Officer of 180THEBRAND, and the star of the project multi-
faceted Latin Urban recording artist Looch Bodega.
Looch Bodega began working with 180THEBRAND in late 2019, which is a full-
service entertainment and management company based out of Toronto, Canada,
which focuses on artist development and branding. Looch Bodega continues to
innovate familiar sounds and melodies with his unique sound and style of music as
he sets out to take over as one of the top Urban Latin artists not just in Toronto but
also around the globe! Be sure to keep him on your radar as he debuts new projects
throughout 2020. Follow him on all of his platforms and subscribe for more
exclusive content:

Instagram: loochbodega
YouTube: LoochBodegaVEVO