Joe Budden Thinks Drake Co-Owns New Music Company Gamma


Joe Budden thinks Drake possibly co-ownning new music company Gamma might be the root of Drizzy’s beef with rappers.

Drake Co-Owns Gamma?

While several rappers have recently formed like Voltron to try and take Drake down, speculation has run rampant about the root of rappers’ animosity with the 6 God. On the latest episode on The Joe Budden Podcast, which aired on Tuesday (April 16), Joe and crew talked about possible reasons for the beef.

“The labels got s**t running through Drake, I’m telling you. We’re going to find out,” Joe insists in the video clip below. “One of these n***as is going to spill the beans soon, I’m telling you.”

“There’s something here that we don’t know enough about yet,” Joe adds after one of his co-hosts brings up Drake’s possible ties to Gamma.

Gamma was formed in 2023 by former Apple executive Larry Jackson and record executive Ike Youssef. The roster of artists includes Rick Ross, French Montana, Sexyy Red, Usher and French Montana.

“I think Drake owns some of Gamma,” Joe says.

Joe previously surmised Drake is getting paid to promote Sexyy Red, which would lean into his theory. It might also explain Drake’s issue with Rick Ross and French Montana.

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Joe Budden Gets Drake Intel From Escorts

Joe Budden has been breaking down the Drake situation on every episode of his show recently. On a recent episode of the show that aired on Sunday (April 14), Joe revealed he gets most of his Drake intel from escorts.

“I think most of my Drake intel today comes from my love of escorts,” Joe said. “I’m not trying to be funny.”

“The escorts just always know,” Joe continued. “The escorts are ground level to it all. The escorts are the CIA of the subway system.”

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See Joe Budden saying he thinks Drake possibly co-owning Gamma is the root of his issues with rappers below.

Watch a Clip of The Joe Budden Podcast 

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