Joe Budden Hints at Returning to Rap


It looks like Joe Budden might grab the mic again. The rap veteran recently hinted at returning to rap.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which premiered on Sunday (Nov. 26) on YouTube, Joe Budden hinted that he may come out of retirement and start rapping again. It all started when Joe and his cohosts were discussing new music and Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s new song “Vultures” came up.

The rapper-turned-podcaster said that he loves the beat and that it “fills his music appetite.” He then added that he might start rapping again to address his detractors and rappers who came at him once and for all.

“Don’t worry I called Just Blaze the other day I’m done talking about these rappers. I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it myself,” Joe said at the 1:45-minute mark in the video below.

When TJBP co-host Lamar “Ice” Burney asked him to explain, Joe said, “I’mma listen to what Just Blaze has in there that might make somebody want to rap.”

The rap veteran added: “I’m laying a 15-minute record for sale $20. It just might be EP but you gonna get this first track for $20.”

However, Joe said that nothing is in the works just yet, but he’s been kicking the idea around to rap again.

“Whenever that is I don’t want to supe fans up to think that that’s coming soon me and Just Blaze have real jobs,” he explained. “That’s what he [Just] said. He said, ‘Yo I’m busy with my real job right now.'”

“Like, ‘Me too,'” Joe added with a laugh. “This works out perfectly, great.”

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Fans on Social Media Credit Joe Budden for Drake Releasing Scary Hours 3

After Drake announced the release of his new project, For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition (aka Scary Hours 3), fans credited Joe Budden for the release, believing that his criticism of Drake’s previous project, For All the Dogs, prompted Drizzy to drop new music.

“Joe Budden really forced Drake to get back in his duffy and make another attempt to beat the allegations that he’s gotten lazy in 2023 with Scary Hours 3,” wrote one fan.

If you recall, Drake went in on Joe, calling him a failure during a lengthy reaction post on Instagram. Even Birdman chimed in with his warnings to the podcaster.

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Watch Joe Budden reveal that he might come out of retirement and start rapping again in the video below.

Watch Joe Budden Talk About Rapping Again on The Joe Budden Podcast

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