Jeezy Raps About Ex-Wife’s Gun Claims on JT’s ‘Okay’ Remix


Jeezy addressed his ex-wife’s claims of having guns during their divorce battle on JT‘s “Okay (Remix)” and music video.

Jeezy References Ex-Wife’s Gun Claims on JT’s “Okay” Remix

Jeezy had to get some things off his chest on JT’s “Okay (Remix),” which dropped on Thursday (June 28). In the accompanying music video, which can be viewed below, the Atlanta rapper addressed his ex-wife Jeannie Mai‘s claims during their heated divorce battle of endangering their young daughter by having various guns in the house they shared together.

In his verse, Jeezy gave a logical reason why he always stays strapped in his crib.

“Why you got choppas in the house? ‘Cause I’m a n**ga still/A b**ch’ll never catch me slippin’/Yeah, a banana peel,” he rapped on the song.

Elsewhere, Jeezy announced his relationship status. “Summer ’24, I’m single as a dollar bill,” he rhymed, confirming that he’s single and ready to mingle.

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Jeannie Accuses Jeezy of Being Irresponsible With Guns During Divorce Battle

During their contentious divorce battle, Jeannie accused Jeezy of demonstrating a lack of responsibility with his ownership of firearms in the house, which she felt endangered their young daughter, Monaco.

Jeannie claimed that she insisted on safe storage of the firearms in their home(s) but Jeezy would frequently walk around the house carrying an AK-47. She also alleged that staff disclosed to her that Jeezy would “frequently” deposit firearms and bullets, “an obvious choking hazard,” in unsecured locations throughout the home, such as kitchen counters and dining room tables.

On June 12, court documents obtained by XXL revealed that a Georgia judge had signed the final judgment and decree of divorce between Jeezy and his now ex-wife, Jeannie Mai, officially dissolving their union. The termination of the three-year marriage reportedly followed an agreed-upon settlement between the couple regarding child support and a permanent parenting plan for their daughter.

The specific details of their settlement have been kept confidential and will remain sealed.

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Watch Jeezy rap about Jeannie Mai’s gun claims in JT’s “Okay (Remix)” music video below.

Watch JT’s “Okay (Remix)” Music Video Featuring Jeezy

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