Jay-Z Returns to Instagram to Promote The Book of Clarence


Jay-Z recently returned to Instagram to promote The Book of Clarencea new movie he produced alongside James Lassiter and Tendo Nagenda. The rapper has been off the social media platform for two years.

Jay-Z Hops on Instagram to Promote The Book of Clarence Movie

On Tuesday (Aug. 29), Jay-Z reactivated his Instagram page and posted a trailer for director Jeymes Samuel’s upcoming biblical epic film, The Book of Clarence, which can be seen below. Hov also gave his many followers a time frame for the movie’s release in the caption of the post.

“‘The Book of Clarence,'” Jay-Z typed in the caption of the post below. “January 2024.”

Set in Jerusalem 33AD, the trailer for the biblical epic movie finds Clarence, who is played by LaKeith Stanfield, setting out on a journey to become one of the Messiah’s apostles. The movie is written and directed by Jeymes Samuel, who has previously worked with Jay-Z in their respective roles for Netflix’s The Harder They Fall.

On Aug. 28, Vanity Fair released an exclusive interview with Jay-Z and Jeymes, in which they discuss details surrounding The Book of Clarence. In one part of their discussion, the billionaire rapper-entrepreneur reveals he’s concerned about people focusing more on the religious aspect of the film instead of the story.

“My fear is that people don’t allow that arc to take place and are immediately judging,” Jay-Z said.

The Book of Clarence arrives in theaters Jan. 12, 2024.

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Jay-Z Deactivates His Instagram After One Day

Jay-Z has a history of taking a hiatus from social media and reappearing when it’s time to promote his new work. In November of 2021, Jay-Z deactivated his Instagram a day after posting a trailer for The Harder They Fall, which he produced alongside Lawrence Bender and James Lassiter. His account was active from Nov. 2 to Nov. 3, 2021.

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Look at what Jay-Z posted after reactivating his Instagram page below.

See Jay-Z Return to Instagram to Promote The Book of Clarence Film

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