Jack Harlow and Fat Joe Star With Jennifer Lopez in Dunkin’ Ad


Jack Harlow and Fat Joe are the latest rappers to be in a 2024 Super Bowl ad, appearing in the spot for Dunkin’ alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jack Harlow and Fat Joe Star in 2024 Super Bowl Commercial

As the big game gets underway on Sunday (Feb, 11), high-price commercials are rolling out by the dozens. Dunkin’ tapped Jack Harlow and Fat Joe for its new ad. In the promo, which can be seen below, Jennifer Lopez is deep in a studio session when she’s loudly interrupted by Ben Affleck. Affleck has a new idea for a Dunkin’ super group called “The DunKings” he’s eager to show J. Lo, despite Jack Harlow’s disapproval. Fat Joe gives the movie star a puzzling look as he proceeds to rap alongside an uncomfortable Matt Damon and Tom Brady.

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Rappers in 2024 Super Bowl Commercials

Jack Harlow and Fate Joe are one of multiple rappers to appear in a 2024 Super Bowl commercial. Ice Spice starred in a Starry soda ad where she is confronted by her salty “ex-boyfriend.” LL Cool J played the role of Coors Light’s Chill Train conductor in a spot for the famed beef company. Bud Light tapped Pos Malone for their latest spot during the big game.

Rappers have a long history of having cameos Super Bowl spots. Last year was no different. Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon appeared in a hilarious DoorDash ad. McDonald’s also tapped Cardi B and Offset for a commercial titled “Know Their Order.” This ad was a prelude to the celebrity couple’s McDonald’s Valentine’s Day meal partnership. Doritos had a slot featuring Jack Harlow, while Snoop Dogg teamed up with Sketchers.

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See Jack Harlow and Fat Joe in a 2024 Super Bowl ad for Dunkin’ below.

Watch Jack Harlow and Fat Joe Starring in Dunkin’ Super Bowl Ad

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