Here’s What Happened On Day 7 of the Young Thug YSL Trial


Young Thug continues to fight for his freedom in his YSL RICO Trial. The trial entered its seventh day, and was just as eventful as its predecessors.

Day 7 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

  • Atlanta Police Officer Questioned Amongst Other Witnesses

On Wednesday (Dec. 6), the seventh day of Thug’s trial proceeded similarly to what came in the days before. Witnesses were called and cross-examined including Atlanta Police Officer Dwayne Thomas, who spoke on Thug’s old Atlanta stomping ground Cleveland Ave. The officer noted that the area did have a lot of crime, but said speaking on poverty and homelessness would be rude. “I’m not going to disrespect that community,” the officer told Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel.

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  • Juror No. 49 was Questioned by Judge Glanville

Juror No. 49 became the subject of a stern conversation from Judge Glanville after the juror expressed concern that their faces may have been spotted on a livestream of the trial last week. She claimed she was perusing blogger William G. McCray’s Twitter profile and sent a video of the livestream to a deputy. Judge Glanville spoke privately with the juror after concerns were raised the juror was doing her own research on the case.

Matters grew more tense when the juror claimed she could still be fair, but told Judge Glanville: “I know the history that follows this gentleman,” referring to Thugga. The juror was not dismissed. However, before dismissing the jury for the day the judge pleaded with jurors to stay offline and off social media.

Young Thug Continues to Fight for His Freedom

Young Thug is currently facing multiple charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act. Prosecutors claim that Thug and six codefendents used his record label YSL as a front for violent gang activity. The state alleges YSL has committed numerous violent crimes over the years including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. A jury of 12, including seven Black women, two White women, two Black men, and one White man, will decide whether Thug walks free or not. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The trial will continue with its eighth day on Thursday (Dec. 7) between 10 and 10:30 a.m. EST.

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Watch Day 7 of the YSL Trial below.

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