Here’s What Happened on Day 17 of the Young Thug YSL RICO Trial


Young Thug and his codefendants are back in court as the legal battle to determine their guilt or innocence pushes onward.

Day 16 of the Young Thug and YSL Trial

The YSL RICO trial returned for Day 17 on Wednesday (Jan. 10), after having been delayed on Tuesday (Jan. 9). The trial had suffered another brief delay after Angela D’Williams, attorney for the youngest defendant, Rodalius Ryan, called in sick on Day 16. Today, YSL co-founder Trontavious “Tick” Stephens, who accepted a plea deal in 2022, once again took to the stand to continue being cross-examined by Thug’s attorney Brian Steel.

  • Trontavious “Tick” Stephens Reveals Why He Took Plea Deal

During today’s hearing, Tick was asked to explain why he took a plea deal and ultimately decided to cooperate with the prosecution. He said it was partially because of the abhorrent living conditions within the Fulton County Jail. Tick said he also feared for his life because he heard people were getting killed around him. He also said he longed to go outside but was never allowed out. Tick added he was also unable to financially support his three children and three baby mothers, which also contributed to him taking a plea deal.

  • “Pushin P” Music Video Is Played in Court

The defense continued by pulling up a photo of Young Thug making a hand gesture, which the State argued was a Blood gang sign. Tick said that Thug was in fact referencing “Pushin P,” the single he had recorded with Gunna. The defense then played the “Pushin P” music video in its entirety and rattled the courtroom speakers.

Tick continued on by saying that he was mad at Thug at the time because he rapped about Tick robbing women in the song. Tick said he had a neighborhood reputation for robbing women, and that Thug rapped about crimes Tick actually committed on “Pushin P.” Steel honed in on this point and said Thug often rapped about things that weren’t true, doing so to portray a “gangster” image.

  • Zoom Bomber Yells “Free Thug” and “Mistrial”

Shortly before Judge Glanville dismissed everyone for their lunch break, a Zoom bomber interrupted the trial.

“Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!” the person called out.

Judge Ural Glanville chose not to acknowledge the interruption, instead dismissing the courtroom for their scheduled break. However, as Glanville turned to leave, the person cried out again.

“Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!” the person called out again before the livestream was cut.

Today’s hearing ended early, with Tick still on the stand.

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Young Thug Continues to Fight for His Freedom

Young Thug is facing multiple charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act. Prosecutors will attempt to prove that Thug and six codefendants used the YSL record label for violent gang activity. The state additionally claims YSL has committed many violent crimes including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. A jury of 12, including seven Black women, two White women, two Black men and one White man, will decide whether Thug walks free or not. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The trial will continue with day 18 on Thursday (Jan. 11).

Watch day 17 of the Young Thug YSL trial below.

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