Griff Galexxzee Drops Fresh Hit "New Style" 

Griff Galexxzee Drops Fresh Hit “New Style” 

Toronto’s own Griff Galexxzee has dropped his electrifying new single “New Style.” Boasting a career spanning over a decade and a half, Griff continues to leave his mark on the R&B world, weaving his dual heritage from Toronto and Ghana into his tunes.

Griff‘s musical odyssey is a heartfelt narrative, spurred by the loss of his beloved mother in 2009, who had always championed his musical dreams. Starting out with humble beginnings in his brother’s basement, surrounded by high school buddies, Griff took the plunge into songwriting, sparking his vibrant career.

Growing up, Griff was immersed in a household filled with music; from his mother’s choir performances to his brother’s piano melodies and his sister’s eclectic album collection. His exposure to a medley of sounds, ranging from the King of Pop to rock legends U2, crafted him into the adaptable musician he is today.

His latest track, “New Style,” is a funky, feel-good anthem that encourages women to own their individuality and strut their confidence. Griff aimed to blend a cool rhythm with meaningful lyrics, making the melody the star of the show. This approach shines through in his music, where harmony meets words to create magic.

Griff’s track record includes his pandemic release, “Facts Over Feelings,” under Sony/Orchard, which soared to 600,000 streams, and his chart-topping single “You Right.” His influences range from Michael Jackson to Daft Punk, enriching his music with a diverse sonic palette.

“New Style” invites listeners to groove to its empowering beats and discover Griff Galexxzee’s unique sound anew.