GloRilla Reveals She Got Breast Enhancement Surgery


GloRilla recently made a life-changing purchase. The Memphis, Tenn. rhymer revealed that she bought some new breasts.

GloRilla Admits to Buying New Breasts

On Friday (Dec. 1), GloRilla was on Instagram Live chatting with her fans when she revealed that she underwent a boob job. When a fan asked her how come she doesn’t have a man, the Memphis rhymer was taken aback and stated that just because she does not post her boyfriend on her IG account does not imply that she does not have one. She then asked her viewers if she liked her new breasts.

“I just bought some new titties,” Glo revealed. “Y’all like my new titties?” she asked before giving an eye wink.

“I just bought some new titties,” GloRilla said again, this time rubbing them to show how full they are. “Y’all know, I ain’t with that old bulls**t, these are just a little fill in. Just fill them in.”

“I just got them done so my man can grip on,” she added.

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Glorilla Addresses BBL Rumors

Although GloRilla admitted to having breast augmentation surgery, the “Tomorrow 2” rhymer is proud of the rest of her natural body. In October of 2022, Glo had to shut down rumors that she had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) done on her petite backside.

“It’s nothing nobody can tell me that’ll make me not feel & know dat im thick!!!!! Like do y’all know how many people ask me do I have a BBL in a day?????” she wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, which can be seen below.

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See GloRilla reveal that she had her boobs done below.

Watch GloRilla Reveal She Bought New Breasts

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