GloRilla Calls Out Lil Duval for His Kill, Marry or Have Sex Game


GloRilla didn’t find Lil Duval‘s joke funny. The Memphis rap star called out the comedian for asking fans to kill, marry or have sex with either her, Sexyy Red or Sukihana.

GloRilla Slams Lil Duval for Kill, Marry or F**k Game

Everyone on social media knows that Lil Duval likes to crack jokes on rappers and celebrities. But the funnyman’s latest joke didn’t sit well with GloRilla. On Thursday (Aug. 17), Duval jumped on his Twitter account and jokingly asked his fans who they would “Marry, F**k, or Kill” between the rap trio of GloRilla, Sexyy Red and Sukihana.

The Memphis rhymer caught wind of the comedian’s tweet and didn’t find his question funny.

“Out of Sukihana, Sexxy Redd, GloRilla……Marry, f**K, kill,” Duval asked, to which Big Glo responded, “Granddad why you worrying about dese young hoes p***y ?????”

Additionally, Sukihana saw the 46-year-old entertainer’s question and posted her own poll for fans to vote in.

“Lick Lil Duval‘s ass or go to jail for the rest of your life only gay men can answer,” she tweeted.

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In the Past, GloRilla Had to Clap Back at Boosie BadAzz

This isn’t the first time GloRilla had to deliver a vicious clap back at someone. The 2023 XXL Freshman had to put Boosie BadAzz in the doghouse.

Back in April, two viral videos circulated on social media that looked like GloRilla and Boosie had an unexpected back-and-forth about pet names. It all started when Boosie shared a video of himself attempting to control his dog, which was running around outside. The Louisiana rapper then revealed that the dog’s name was GloRilla.

Glo saw Boosie’s video and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. In her hilarious clip, the “Tomorrow 2” rapper showed off her aquarium and inside appears to be a long green lizard with black eyes.

“Hey stank, stank!” GloRilla screamed as she showered her pet lizard with baby talk. “Boosie! Hey there, boosie, woosie.”

“Look at that bad azz. Look at my new thing,” she laughed.

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Check out GloRilla and Sukihana‘s response to Lil Duval’s Twitter poll below.

See GloRilla and Sukihana’s Clap Back at Lil Duval Below

Watch Sexyy Red and Sukihana’s “Hood Rats” Video Below

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