GloRilla Accused of Stealing Six-Figures From Investor – Report


GloRilla is being accused of stealing six-figures from an Atlanta investor.

Atlanta Investor Accuses GloRilla of Stealing Six-Figures From Him

On Friday (May 24), The Morning Hustle radio show, starring Lore’l and Kyle Santillian, posted on their Instagram page a video snippet of their interview with Atlanta investor Aristotle Varner Jr. During their convo, which can be viewed below, The Morning Hustle co-host Lore’l asked Aristotle if he ever made any bad investments in the past.

In his response, Aristotle was candid in revealing that GloRilla allegedly ran off with $400,000 without completing her contractual obligations.

“I lost like 400 racks,” he explained. “I paid her some money over six figures to do something for me and she didn’t complete the task. She still got two more tasks to complete and it’s on contract and I’m still going through [court] about that.”

According to Aristotle, his “bad investment” in the Memphis rhymer happened when she was already a major star in the rap game.

“She was [already] big,” he said. “It’s just—you know—celebrity, cocky, ‘I’m not going to fulfill the contract’ s**t. You know how that s**t go.”

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Court Documents Reveal GloRilla Allegedly Breached Her Contract

In September of 2023, Spade TV posted a court document on their IG page revealing that Aristotle allegedly paid GloRilla $150,000 to perform some tasks. According to the IG post below, the payment was reportedly made for Big Glo to post a collaborative Instagram message, perform an in-person meet-and-greet and sit down for a 30-minute interview with “celebrity” Asia Varner, who is also Aristotle’s wife and an investor.

Aristotle alleged that while GloRilla posted the collaborative Instagram post as required by their contract, she failed to fulfill other contractual duties back in 2022.

Additionally, there is a TikTok video posted by Aristotle’s investment company from February of 2023 showing GloRilla promoting his then-upcoming “free stock class.” It’s unclear if the TikTok clip was part of the contractual agreement.

Lets Goooo‼️ I asked @glorillapimp to teach me the dance in exchange for some stock lessons… and the rest is history! Here’s the good news! You can come learn with her. Because she’s on tour, we have to do the lessons virtually! 🚨Comment “learn” to attend our stock class SUNDAY February 19th 7pm. I’ll personally DM you the link to get in the zoom meeting w/ @glorillapimp

♬ original sound – Aristotle Invesments

XXL has reached out to GloRilla’s rep for comment.

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