Funniest XXL Freshman Mean Comments of All Time


The annual XXL Freshman Class has introduced a whole slew of rappers to the world in its more than 15 years in existence. And while the Freshman Class is an opportunity to give up-and-coming rappers their flowers, for the past few years, oppositely, each inductee has endured the Mean Comments segment as part of the process.

In the Mean Comments segment, which has turned into a fan favorite in past cycles, Freshman are tasked with reading aloud comments from their detractors from X, formerly known as Twitter. It’s a grounding moment that most artists are used to and take in stride, while others clap back in anger. And the experience has made for some hilarious moments over the years.

X is a wild place and nobody is safe when it comes to disparaging critiques. In 2019, DaBaby threatened to put paws on a Twitter user for opining that the North Carolina rapper doesn’t have any lyrics. The same year, Megan Thee Stallion clapped back at a social media user who called her lame. During Jack Harlow‘s Mean Comments in 2019, his looks were compared to Drake’s son Adonis.

“Sheesh, I been hearing that a lot actually,” the Kentucky MC responded. “I suppose we share some features.”

When Latto‘s popularity was questioned by an X user in 2020, she went off.

“Look, more people know me than know you, pooh,” the Atlanta rapper snapped.

XXL highlights some of the most hilarious moments from the XXL Freshman Mean Comments portion of the Freshman Class reveals over the years. Watch below.

Watch the Funniest XXL Freshman Mean Comments of All Time

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