Eminem Is Still Using a BlackBerry in 2024


Eminem is still holding on to his trusty dusty BlackBerry phone in the year of our Lord, 2024.

Eminem Still Has Functioning BlackBerry

On Thursday (Feb. 22), DJ Whoo Kid shared a photo that shows him, Eminem and D-12’s Mr. Porter appearing to be sitting on a tour bus. In the photo, which can be seen below, Whoo Kid appears to be laughing while both Em and Mr. Porter are on their respective cell phones. Mr. Porter seems to be using a newer model smart phone while Slim Shady is punching buttons on a beat-up BlackBerry phone.

Whoo Kid captioned the photo: “Eminem was trying to figure out who ate his last mom’s spaghetti box in the dressing room. I was like @momsspaghettidetroit I told him it was @iamdenaun and by the way yes. He still has a blackberry phone.”

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Why Does Eminem Still Own a BlackBerry?

BlackBerry phones, which rose to prominence in the 2000s, were some of the first widely used smart phones and famous for their full QWERTY keyboard. The phones’ popularity waned with the rise of the iPhone. The last BlackBerry model, the BlackBerry Evolve X, was released in 2018 and the company shut down their servers in 2022. So, it is unclear exactly what function the phone still serves for the rap god.

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Check out Eminem still using a BlackBerry in 2024 below.

See a Photo of Eminem Using a Beat Up BlackBerry

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