Drake’s Serious Devotion to Sexyy Red Costs Him Big Bucks


In a very short amount of time, Drake and Sexyy Red have formed an unbelievably tight bond. Last Saturday (March 9), Sexyy Red showcased all the lavish gifts Drake gave her recently. Holding three different Chanel bags, and wads of cash amounting to $50,000, Sexyy shouted out her “rich baby daddy” Drizzy. “Rich baby daddy gang 50k n 4 Chanels fa a bad Bthc Thank You Drake,” she tweeted.

The shout-out is an ode to Drake’s latest single, “Rich Baby Daddy,” which St. Louis rapper is featured on. It also perfectly surmises the surprising devotion the pair have for each other. Their relationships is one that treads the line between romantic and platonic.

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Drake’s Devotion to Sexyy Red Costs Him Over $94,000

Drake first showed love to Sexyy Red last July, shortly before his performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center as part of his It’s All a Blur Tour. The pair were photographed getting incredibly cozy backstage, with Drake holding her close while planting a passionate kiss on Sexyy Red’s cheek. Sexyy held Drake’s face in her hand during the affectionate moment. The Boy referred to her as his “rightful wife” in a post on his Instagram. While he chose those words, she instead opted for a more reverential tone to describe their relationship.

“I’m yo favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” Sexyy captioned the viral photo on Instagram.

Either way, the flame burned so bright between the two rappers that Drake invited Sexyy Red to open for him on the remainder of his It’s All A Blur Tour last year. He then of course included her on his latest album, For All the Dogs, in October of 2023. In the video for “Rich Baby Daddy,” which dropped on Valentine’s Day this year, he cozies up to her and plays the father of her unborn child. Drizzy even planted a kiss on Sexyy’s pregnant belly, which ignited a conversation online about whether the move was out of line since the baby isn’t really Drizzy’s.

Regardless, Drake continued to heap even more praise on Sexyy Red at the end of February, calling the “SkeeYee” rapper his muse. “Red really my muse in this short and confusing life,” Drizzy wrote in an Instagram caption alongside various tour photos. The compliment came after Sexyy said she’d return to her hometown for one week, and asked if anyone wanted to fight.

Sexyy Red and Drake’s relationship seems to shift by the day. The most recent gifts he gave her and the big bucks attached to the price tag would cause anyone to question what’s going on. One Chanel flap bag could easily cost between $6,000 to $11,000. So estimating on the higher side, that’s about $44,000 just in designer purses. Add on the $50,000 in cash Sexy says Drake gave her and that’s about $94,000. His devotion is costing him big bucks.

While fans are unable to get a sense of whether Drake’s PDA toward Sexyy Red is romantically tinged or strictly platonic, that talking point may be why these viral moments happen. Either way, it’s clear the mutual admiration is there.

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Watch the music video for Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” Featuring Sexyy Red and SZA below.

Watch The Video for Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” Featuring Sexyy Red and SZA

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