DJ Akademiks Uses Old Video to Taunt Yung Miami About Sex Work


DJ Akademiks is taunting Yung Miami with an old interview amid allegations in a lawsuit that name her as Diddy’s sex worker.

DJ Akademiks Calls Out Yung Miami

On Thursday night (March 28), DJ Akademiks injected himself into the conversation surrounding Yung Miami and sex worker allegations.

“What dis mean?” Ak posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with a screenshot of Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ lawsuit against Diddy where the allegations are made.

“Yung Miami being called an alleged sex worker and drug mule in a lawsuit but was tight at me for calling her a side chick,” he added in a follow-up post referencing their previous beef. “N***a sounds like I was giving her a promotion.. a upgrade from these other titles she’s being referred to…Women rap about gladly f*cking for a bag…. then get labeled as a ‘sex worker’ and throw hissy fits.”

Ak also shared a clip of Yung Miami’s appearance on The Jason Lee Show last May. During the interview, the City Girls rapper defines herself as a “whore.”

“Why yall acting surprised … she been literally telling us this her whole career,” Ak captioned the clip. “Yall gotta ask Diddy for the price list n menu if yall tryna make a move.”

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Yung Miami Refutes Claims in Amended Lawsuit

Lil Rod’s amended lawsuit against Diddy on Monday (March 25), featured multiple claims about Yung Miami, including allegations that she transported “pink cocaine” for Diddy and did sex work for the rap mogul. She has since denied both claims.

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Check out DJ Akademiks’ tweets about Yung Miami being accused of being a sex worker below.

See Akademiks’ Tweets

DJ Akademiks taunts Yung Miami on X.



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