Diddy’s Sons Asked About Father’s Well-Being, Only One Answers


Diddy‘s sons King Combs and Justin Combs shared different reactions when asked about their father’s well-being.

Diddy’s Sons Respond Differently When Asked About Father’s Well-Being

On Friday (May 31), TMZ shared a video of the paparazzi rushing to speak with Diddy’s two sons, King and Justin Combs, who were in Los Angeles celebrating their sister Chance’s graduation from high school. On Thursday (May 30), the Combs family enjoyed a post-graduation dinner at Mr. Chow restaurant.

In the clip below, a cameraman rushed up to King Combs, born Christian Combs, and asked about his father’s well-being. “He’s good,” he responded as he helped his grandmother, Janice Combs, into his SUV. Meanwhile, Quincy was jovial and was having a delightful time messing with the cameraman.

Justin Combs on the other hand wasn’t so cordial with the cameraman. When asked how his father was holding up, he simply kept quiet and looked away while chatting with his lady friend.

Although the Combs family were out and about, noticeably absent was the patriarch Diddy. According to TMZ, the disgraced hip-hop mogul Diddy informed his family that he would not be in attendance for Chance’s graduation. He was also unable to attend his twin daughters’ prom a few weeks ago.

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Biggie’s Mom Wants to Slap Diddy for Assaulting Cassie

Obviously, Diddy is keeping a low profile in the wake of a 2016 video being leaked featuring him assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura at a Los Angeles hotel. Last Wednesday (May 29), Rolling Stone published an exposé on Diddy where dozens of the music executive’s former associates and employees were interviewed to get more insight into the ongoing list of lawsuits and federal investigation against him.

On Thursday (May 30), Voletta Wallace, the mother of the late Notorious B.I.G., shared her reaction to the disturbing 2016 footage with Rolling Stone. Ms. Wallace told the music publication she didn’t like what she saw in the video and stated that if she ever encounters Diddy again, she will not hesitate to express how she feels about the rap mogul.

“I hope that I see Sean one day, and the only thing I want to do is slap the daylights out of him. And you can quote me on that,” Wallace said. “Because I liked him. I didn’t want to believe all the awful things, but I’m so ashamed and embarrassed.”

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Watch King and Justin Combs’ reactions when asked about their father’s well-being below.

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