Diddy’s Former Security Claims Rapper Assaulted Multiple Women


Diddy‘s former security chief, Roger Bonds, is continuing to speak out against the music mogul, now claiming he stopped Puff from assaulting multiple women.

Roger Bonds Speaks Out

Diddy is currently under fire following three lawsuits filed against him, with women claiming he sexually assaulted them. On Wednesday (Nov. 29), Roger Bonds shared a post on Instagram, where he claimed to have witnessed and prevented Diddy from attacking Cassie and other women.

“There comes a time when you in a situation that may seem like a good situation, but if you not waking up happy, or if you disgruntled, or you really don’t wanna be around that person you find every excuse to get out of it,” Bonds explained in the video below. “And I got diabetes. So, my excuse was, I can’t be with you every day. I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I’m losing weight, I’m doing that. But in reality, it was I was sick. I was sick of you.”

He continued: “I was sick of everything that was going on around you. I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did. I was sick. Cassie spoke on it. She said, ‘Yeah, I jumped on it. I jumped in between it.’ That wasn’t the only time. It was other times, and it was other people.”

XXL has reached out to Diddy’s team for comment.

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Roger Bonds Breaks Silence

This is the second time Bonds has recently spoken on what he allegedly witnessed while working under Diddy. On Nov. 25, he shared a since-deleted post on Instagram saying he was willing to tell his truth.

“This is not meant to be threats or snitching or anything like that against Cassie or Diddy or anyone else,” reads the message. “This is me telling my truth as I truly remember it for 2 reasons only[:] 1st because I have 4 daughters so on all dudes my truth as I seen it, saw it and was involved with it for yrs.”

“I’M WILLING TO TELL MY [TRUTH] BECAUSE FOR SO MANY YRS I WAS QUIET[,]” Roger wrote in the caption. “Nothing matters now but FAMILY.”

Diddy Sued for Sexual Assault

On Nov. 16, Cassie filed an explosive civil lawsuit against Diddy in New York federal court, accusing the Bad Boy Entertainment founder of years of sexual and physical abuse. Diddy quickly settled the suit, with his attorney Ben Brafman saying the payment was not an admission of guilt. Two more women have since come forward with sexual assault claims against Puff, which have been filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act, a statute that allows individuals who have allegedly been sexually abused to file civil lawsuits even after the statute of limitations has run its course.

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), Revolt announced Diddy has temporarily stepped down from his chairman position at the company, which he cofounded in 2013.

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See Roger Bonds claiming he stopped Diddy from assaulting multiple women below.

Roger Bonds Speaks Out Against Diddy

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