Chrisean Reveals Her and Blueface’s Son’s Middle Name Is Jesus


Chrisean Rock has revealed that she gave her son with Blueface the middle name “Jesus” during a live Dedication to Christ ceremony.

Chrisean Rock Reveals Her Son’s Middle Name During Live Dedication to Christ Service

On Sunday (Sept. 10), Chrisean Rock attended church services at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in her hometown of Baltimore, where she brought her newborn son, Chrisean Malone Jr., to be blessed by Pastor Michael Freeman before returning to Los Angeles. During a livestream of the Dedication to Christ ceremony, Rock revealed to her congregation that she gave her newborn son the middle name “Jesus.”

In a video Rock shared on her Instagram page, which you can watch below, Pastor Freeman not only blessed Rock’s baby, he blessed Chrisean and her ex-boyfriend Blueface as well.

“We dedicate this child unto you. We dedicate his life unto you,” Pastor Freeman said in his prayer. “And every attack that’s set up against him we rendered it null and void.”

“Now in the name of the Lord of Jesus Christ, cover her, cover him. And even as it relates to his father, we cover him in prayer and every attack the devil has against his life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he continued. “We decree that blessing shall abound on you Chrisean [Jr.] that you are the product of the purpose of God and not just the product of your parent’s passion.”

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Blueface Bashes His Newborn Son’s Name

Last week, Blueface jumped on X (formerly Twitter) and blasted Rock for naming their newborn son Chrisean Malone, Jr. The Los Angeles rapper said Rock picked the name without thinking it through and he feels bad for his son having to be named after his mom.

“I actually feel bad for my son at this point he’s a junior to his mom,” Blue wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “He don’t gotta be named after me but atleast put some thought into it.”

“That was some quick last minute….what do you want to name him uhm just write down chrisesn Malone smh,” he continued.

Despite Blueface‘s harsh criticism, Chrisean Rock is determined to be a good mother to her son.

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Watch Chrisean Rock reveal her newborn son’s middle name below.

Watch Chrisean Rock and Family at the Dedication to Christ Ceremony at Spirit of Faith Christian Center Below

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