Chief Keef Fan Raps Keef’s Lyrics While Being Arrested – Watch


A Chief Keef fan is going viral for hilariously reciting the rapper’s lyrics while being arrested.

Back on Feb. 20, an social media user who goes by wonsixfoe hit up Instagram with some footage of a man being arrested and in the process, has no problem recalling some bars originally laid down by Chief Keef. Even under the pressure of being in such an undesirable situation, the fan of the Chicago drill pioneer busts out a rendition of Chief Keef‘s 2015 track, “Earned It,” much to the entertainment of both the police officers on the scene as well as the onlookers on the city street.

As the cops actively apprehend the man who refers to himself as Lil B, not to be confused with The Based God, the apparent Chief Keef enthusiast starts rapping at the top of his lungs as both the officers involved and the civilians standing by begin to laugh heartily.

“I’ma bond right out, I ain’t broke (I ain’t broke),” the Chief Keef fan raps directly at the police officers making the arrest in the video below. “N****s ain’t getting no money it ain’t no joke (it ain’t no joke).”

After explaining to his lively audience that he just got out on bond the day prior, the man being arrested repeats the same Chief Keef rhymes he spits earlier in the video but this time, adding a bit of his own flair at the end aimed at the arresting officers.

“N****s ain’t getting no money it ain’t no joke (it ain’t no joke).” the man raps again. “12 like f*****n’ with Lil B ’cause they a** broke (they a** broke).”

From there, with the police officers and bystanders remaining thoroughly entertained at that point, the handcuffed Chief Keef fan who goes by Lil B explains that he is in possession of a “little” bit of marijuana before the camera cuts off.

As for the real Chief Keef, he’s gearing up to offer his loyal fans some new lyrics to rap along to, potentially while getting arrested, as he is steadily working on his next album, Almighty So 2It would appear that Keef is going so hard in album mode, the rhymer went so far as to put a studio in his bathroom. 

Despite having pushed back the album’s release date a few times in recent months, Keef’s forthcoming LP will serve as the sequel to his 2013 DJ Scream-hosted classic, Almighty So.

Watch the Chief Keef Fan Hilariously Rap Keef’s Lyrics to “Earned It” While Being Arrested Below

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