Charisma Pours Out From FG Figueroa On New Release “Odio” (Official Music Video)

Some artists are lucky enough to have talent but not enough to have the charisma to sell that talent. The Florida-based Puerto Rican heartthrob hip-hop artist FG Figueroa has it all to take the music industry by storm. In his new release “Odio,” we clearly see the combination of a natural and raw talent, serious hard-work with passionate dedication, utmost artistic charm, and charisma overflowing in every detail of his project. Add to the mix his artistic vision that is clearly indicated throughout the work both musically and visually, and we have probably one of the edgiest summer-filled releases of 2020. 

“Odio” is a result of FG Figueroa’s fruitful collaboration with producers C.O.D.A. and Jose Azcona. Flowercop’s creative force is responsible for the beautifully crafted and satisfying music video of the track. Give FG Figueroa a chance to give you the best energy of 2020 you deserve.