Cardi B Photos From Balenciaga Show Go Viral, Claims Photoshop


Cardi B claims someone photoshopped her face in a viral photo from the Balenciaga Fashion Show after people compared her facial features to those of Lil’ Kim.

Cardi B Claims Viral Balenciaga Fashion Show Images Are Altered

Cardi B claimed that someone doctored her face in a viral photo from a Balenciaga Fashion Show she walked in on Saturday (Dec. 2). The Bronx rapper hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday (Dec. 3) to correct fans who compared her face to that of Lil’ Kim.

The photo in question shows Bardi on the runway wearing a long blue fur coat. However, the image looks like it was altered because the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s nose is compressed. Many fans viewing the picture compared Cardi’s face to Lil Kim’s facial features.

“Cardi going out sad. the Lil Kim way,” wrote one fan who shared side-by-side photos of Cardi and Kim in the X post, which can be viewed below.

Another fan chimed in: “Baby please tell me it’s the makeup making her nose look crimped up like that.”

Cardi caught wind of the doctored photo and explained what was wrong with the image in her since-deleted tweet, which can be viewed below.

“It’s the photoshop,” Cardi replied. “You know you gagged them too hard when the haters gotta start making edits.”

In actual photos taken from the Balenciaga Fashion Show, which happened on Saturday (Dec. 2) in Los Angeles, Cardi B made her runway debut and her nose looked normal.

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Cardi B Threatens Legal Action Against Company for A.I. Usage

This isn’t the first time Cardi’s likeness has been altered on social media.

Last month, a fan alerted the 31-year-old artist to an ad by USA Wellness Wave promoting a stimulus payment program and using A.I. to replicate Cardi’s voice in order to endorse the program.

Cardi was not happy about the ad and anticipated a big payday once her attorneys go after the unscrupulous company.

“AI is crazy smh,” she wrote in a tweet. “Another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money.”

Don’t play with Cardi B’s nose or with her voice.

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See the images Cardi B says are photoshopped and her tweet below.

Read Cardi B’s Tweet In Response to a Viral Photoshopped Photo of Her Face from Balenciaga Fashion Show

Cardi B addresses fan over viral photoshopped photo.



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