Cardi B Curses Out Offset on Social Media


Cardi B has cursed out Offset on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Cardi B Curses Out Offset on X Account, Threatens to ‘Take It There’

On Friday (Dec. 15), Cardi abruptly got her Twitter fingers going, criticizing her now ex-husband Offset and threatening to “take it there.”

“@OffsetYRN you a b***h a*s n***a…and trust me imma f**kin take it there,” Cardi wrote, adding, “Muf**as will try you when you at ya lowest and your most vulnerable time.. you out here feeling yourself but trust me the tables turn.”

Cardi then hopped on Instagram Live, where she tearfully called out Set for being deceitful.

“Cause you a f**king talk to a n***a and a muthaf**ka will play in your f**king face over and over and over and over again,” Cardi said. “And still be like, ‘watch. Watch what I’m about to do. Watch what I’m about to say.’ And it’s so f**king sad that a n***a-yo this n***a really like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time. When I’m not the most confident. He like to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl.”

She continued, “Yesterday, I could have been out. I could have been chilling. I could have been this and that. He knows I’m in my house. He knows that I’m chilling. He knows I’m not doing the most, and I really been sparing you. I really been sparing you. You been f**king feeling yourself you b**ch a*s n***a because of your b**ch a*s album and s**t and you really been f**king been doing me dirty after so many f**king years that I motherf**king helped your a*s. Not even a f**king thank you that I got from you b**ch a*s. And it’s so crazy that I gotta go to the f**king internet because whenever the f*ck I tell you something you don’t take s**t seriously.”

Offset has not yet responded.

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Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of Sleeping With Offset

Cardi B’s tweets come after Blueface accused his child’s mother Chrisean Rock of sleeping with Offset on Sunday (Dec. 10).

“FINALLY. Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f**ked cardi B husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n***as looking at me while they f**king you get the rest of em gone asap please [prayer hands emoji],” Blue wrote in one post.

After a brief spat on X between Rock and Blue, Offset attempted to clear his name.

“I ain’t never have talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!” he wrote in a post aimed at Blue.

The Set It Off rapper was also spotted at Kanye West’s Vultures listening party in Miami on Monday (Dec. 11) with model London Perry.

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Check out Cardi B’s tweets below

See Cardi B Curse Out Offset on Social Media

See Cardi B Cursing Out Offset on Social Media