Boosie Says Lil Nas X Is Going to Hell for His New Video


Boosie BadAzz thinks Lil Nas X is going to hell for posing as Jesus in the new “J Christ” video.

Boosie Weighs in on Lil Nas X Response to Backlash for “J Christ” Video

On Monday (Jan. 15), Boosie commented on a post from Instagram blog The Neighborhood Talk that shared Lil Nas X’s recent semi-apology to Christians for his new “J Christ” video where Nas X is depicted as Jesus on the crucifix. Boosie wasn’t trying to hear it.

“HE LYING HE KNOW WHAT HE DOING[!!]” Boosie wrote under the post. “I BET HE WOULDNT DO THIS TO JEWS [100 emoji]. HES GOING TO HELL.”

This is Boosie’s second time commenting about the viral video. The day the video came out, Boosie dissed the openly-gay rapper for the controversial visual.

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Lil Nas X Faces Backlash for New Video

Initially announced November of 2023, Lil Nas X released his new single “J Christ” on Jan. 12. In the video, which can be seen below, Lil Nas X is depicted as Jesus in multiple scenes.

“Back-back-back up out the gravesite/B***h, I’m back like J Christ,” he raps on the track. “I’m finna get the gays hyped/I’m finna take it yay-high.”

Nas X faced backlash from Boosie BadAzz, Christian rapper Lecrae and others following the release of the video. Nas X has since shared an Instagram post explaining his rationale to the Christian community.

“I wanted to, not necessarily apologize, but I wanted to explain where my head at and where it’s been for like the last week,” Lil Nas X said in part. “First of all, when I did the artwork, I knew there would be some upset people and what not. Simply because, you know, religion is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. But I also didn’t mean to mock. This wasn’t like a ‘F**k you’ to you people, ‘F**k you’ to the Christians. I was not that. It was literally me saying, ‘Oh, I’m back. I’m back like Jesus.’ That was the whole thing.”

Boosie isn’t buying it.

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