Boosie BadAzz Calls Police on Woman Who Shows Up at His House


Boosie BadAzz had to call the police after a woman showed up at his house without prior notice.

Boosie BadAzz Calls Police on Woman Who Shows Up at His House

On Friday (March 1) Boosie BadAzz shared a carousel of videos on his Instagram page, detailing his unexpected visit from an unknown woman at his residence. In the clips, which can be viewed below, Boosie claims the woman is a stalker who has made repeated visits to his house on multiple occasions.

In one of the videos, Boosie revealed the woman, who is wearing a dress with white socks and pink high heel shoes, arrived at his house with her kids. The Baton Rouge rapper also suggested that the police should take her children away from her and he would adopt them. In another vid, police informed Boosie that the woman is “not all the way there,” referring to her mental state.

The officer then asked Boosie if he wanted to press charges on her. The rap veteran declined to have her arrested but advised the officer to give her a stern warning not to come to his house.

Boosie captioned the post: “SMH THE LIFE OF BOOSIE #STALKER I CANT MAKE THIS UP[.]”

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A Boosie Badazz Fan Drives Up to His Property to Try and Cook for Him

This isn’t the first time Boosie had to deal with a person showing up unannounced at his driveway.

Last July, a woman who goes by ishaqbff on TikTok posted a video of herself pulling up to Boosie’s mansion to try and cook for him.

In the video, which can be viewed below, the fan drove to the front of the rhymer’s home after seeing that the gate to his property was open. However, the fan’s wish to cook up a meal for Boosie was denied after two male residents informed the person and her passenger that they must leave immediately.

According to the fan, they both misinterpreted a hand gesture one of the men made. Despite being told that “it’s not that type of time” by one of the unidentified residents, the fan still took it as a win.

“We did it!” the fan stated at the end of the video.


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Check out Boosie BadAzz talking with police following an unexpected visit from a woman at his home.

Watch Boosie BadAzz Talk With Police After Woman Unexpectedly Shows Up at His House

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