Bobby Shmurda Claims DSPs Block Him for Not Wearing Nail Polish


It’s been a while since fans heard any new music from Bobby Shmurda. However, the Brooklyn rapper claims DSPs won’t put him on their playlists because he doesn’t paint his nails.

Bobby Shmurda Claims DSPs Block Him for Not Wearing Nail Polish

On Saturday (June 1), Bobby Shmurda shared on his Instagram account a message to his fans who keep bugging him about dropping new music. In his post, which can be viewed below, Bobby claimed that digital streaming platforms and music blog won’t put him on their playlist because he doesn’t paint his nails.

“Stop asking me to drop music American DSP and music blogs which they owned as well don’t allow real Bodman on playlists because I don’t paint my fingers,” he wrote. “So it’s pointless…until something is done with the people who own, runs, and manages these platforms [lion emoji].”

Although the “Shmoney” rapper didn’t provide any substantial evidence to support his claim, there are rappers who have expressed concerns about artists who painted their nails.

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Fat Joe Believes Rappers Paint Their Nails for Attention

In April, during an Instagram Live session, Fat Joe told his viewers that he believed that male rappers who paint their nails (and rock purses) are doing it because it will make them go viral and possibly increase their streaming numbers.

“It feels like…a new trend, a new swag, a new style,” Joey Crack said in the video below. “Paint your nails, use a bag, wear a bag.”

Although the sight of rappers wearing nail polish can be shocking to some, it’s not a requirement for success in the rap game.

Lil Yachty, the founder of the nail polish brand Crete, has faced years of teasing from fans and his peers for his use of nail art. The Atlanta rhymer sees it as a form of expression and unrelated to being feminine.

Fellow artists Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Trippie Redd and others have embraced nail-painting and added it to their style. Granted, nail art is not for everybody.

In the end, Bobby Shmurda doesn’t have to embrace nail painting to get his music on playlists.

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