Blueface, Soulja Boy Beef Erupts Involving Their Baby’s Mothers


Over the weekend, a Blueface and Soulja Boy beef erupted and they dragged their baby’s mothers into their slander fest.

Blueface and Soulja Boy Beef Trade Insults and Bring Their Baby’s Mothers Into It

On Saturday (Dec. 16), Blueface and Soulja Boy started beefing with each other on X, formerly known as Twitter. What started their slander fest on social media was Blueface boasting that he could beat Soulja in a Verzuz battle. But now it has escalated to insults and they are dragging their baby’s mothers into it.

“Soulja boy couldn’t f**k Jaidyn ina dark if she thought it was me,” Blue wrote. “1-0 Soulja till you get a reply outta Jaidyn you ain’t get back lil bro I s**t yah Bm out an you kissed her at the baby shower.

“How my d**k taste Soulja [tears of joy emoji],” he added.

Soulja caught wind of Blue’s tweets and fired back insults at him.

“Aye blood u sound like a b***h who give a f**k about h*e? I’m slapping the f**k out you when I see you [waving hand emoji],” he wrote.

Soulja then added: I’m gonna f**k Jaidyn and Chrisean since u wanna troll [Blueface] let the games begin [tears of joy emoji] [two sunglasses-wearing emojis] I love it.”

For several hours, Blue and Draco traded insults at each other before challenging each other to a fight, which is supposed to happen today (Dec. 17) at 5 p.m. in Los Angeles.

“Does Soulja wanna box [looking eyes emoji] please say yes that would make my Xmas,” Blueface teased. “Soulja please say you wanna take it further then this internet s**t that would be a easy W f**k the baby mommas let’s squabble up that’s what I really wanna do.”

“You lonely and depressed right now and it’s ok I’m here to keep you company and beat yo ass [tears of joy emoji] @bluefacebleedem,” Soulja responded.

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Blueface Insists He Can Beat Soulja Boy In a Verzuz Battle

Blueface and Soulja Boy’s beef stems from Blue proclaiming on the Open Thoughts podcast that he would win in a Verzuz battle between him and Soulja.

“I can outperform anybody hit for hit,” Blue boasted.

Soulja caught wind of Blue’s remarks and blasted him on Instagram Live.

“You gon’ perform bust down ‘Thotiana’ five times in a row? Cut it out n***a,” he said.

The “Crank That” rhymer then questioned whether Blueface was aware of his music catalog, which includes hit songs such as “Make it Clap” and “Rick & Morty.”

“I get to pullin’ out s**t with Yo Gotti. I get to pulling out shit with [The Game]. You know how many songs I got, buddy?” Soulja stated. “I got songs with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Trey Songz, Omarion, DJ Khaled. What the f**k?”

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Check out some of Blueface and Soulja Boy’s tweets as they trade insults at each other and involve their baby’s mothers in the slander fest below.

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See Blueface and Soulja Boy’s Wild Tweets

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