Asian Doll Claims OnlyFans Gave Her $500,000 to Sign Up


Asian Doll is the latest rapper to join OnlyFans and the Texas rhymer is claiming she was paid a pretty penny to sign up for the platform.

Asian Doll Joins OnlyFans

On Monday (Aug. 21), Asian Doll told fans she had a big announcement to make.

“7:30pm I have a HUGE surprise for the world tune in‼️” she wrote on Twitter.

Asian followed through in a follow-up post by revealing she has launched an OnlyFans account. She announced the move with a pair of photos that show her wearing green lingerie that she is pulling down to reveal pasties covering her nipples.

“I might be his Only Fan,” Asian Doll captioned the post along with a link to her page.

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Asian Doll Claims OnlyFans Paid Her $500,000 to Sign Up

Asian Doll claims she was paid a large chunk of change to launch a page on OnlyFans. After a Twitter user opined that the rapper must be down on cash to start putting content on OF, Asian Doll responded in a since-deleted post, “lmaoooo Only Fans gave me $500,000 just to sign up. Not to mention, I’m literally signed to a billionaire. Stop watching my pockets. They so full [I don’t] even gotta do shows no more. That was the goal.”

See Asian Doll promoting her new OnlyFans account in the videos below.

Watch Asian Doll Twerk in Lingerie to Promote Her New OnlyFans Account

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