Amber Rose Wants $20 Million from Kanye for Influencing Him


Amber Rose feels she should get paid $20 million from Kanye West for influencing his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Amber Rose Wants $20 Million From Kanye West for Influencing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Amber Rose appeared on The Jason Lee Show, which premiered last Wednesday (March 13) on YouTube, and reflected on her past tumultuous relationship with ex-boyfriend Kanye West. The couple were dating when Ye was recording the album in 2009.

During her convo about Ye, Amber added that she should have been compensated for being Kanye’s muse for his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“I should’ve got $20 million for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But I got nothing,” Rose said at the 38-minute mark in the video below. “I should’ve gotten money for the wax figure that he used without my consent. Butt naked! But I didn’t get nothing.”

“I didn’t get any money from anything,” she continued. “I should have been compensated in some way for using my likeness, and so many songs and the wax figure.”

In 2016, Kanye West incorporated a wax figure resembling Amber Rose in the video for “Famous,” a song from his album The Life of Pablo.

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Amber Rose Feels She Should Get Credit for Nicki Minaj Appearing on “Monster”

During her interview, Amber Rose also revealed to Jason Lee that she suggested that Nicki Minaj appear on MBDTF‘s standout track, “Monster.”

“I don’t think I got credit for that,” Rose said. “I mean, I didn’t do it for credit. And that’s not to take—Nicki, she’s amazing, when it comes to writing raps. Like, I’ve seen it in person. It’s a sight to see.”

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Watch Amber Rose explain why Kanye West should have paid her $20 million for influencing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album below.

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