After “Life On The Highway,” Jake Oulton Drops Another Music Video – “Rodeo”

Debuting Canadian urban artist Jake Oulton has recently released his official debut single “Life On The Highway.” Just a few days after this first release, the emerging artist is now releasing a second single titled “Rodeo,” confirming the astonishing potential fans first witnessed on “Life On The Highway.” 

Catchy, colorful and fun, “Rodeo” perfectly reflects Jake’s passion for the outdoors, as the singer-songwriter grew up on a farm in Canada where his two passions were music and trucks.

Between rapping and singing, Jake Oulton is a natural when it comes to expressing what he feels and channeling his messages through sounds. The music video is shot in a country setting, the perfect fit for Jake. 

With so many elements enriching his sound, Oulton displays his versatility and openness of mind, as we now all impatiently await his next project!