2 Chainz Finds His Late Father’s Hidden Money Stash in Basement


2 Chainz recently got a pleasant surprise while getting a busted pipe serviced in his basement, discovering his late father’s old stash of cash.

Last night (Jan. 25), 2 Chainz hopped on his Instagram Story to relay the incident to fans. In the clip, the Atlanta rapper is sifting through what looks like hundreds of rolled up bills in a birthday bag. More cash is laying on the table beside the bag.

“Quick story,” 2 Chainz said in the video. “I had a busted pipe in the basement. They fixed my basement and they found…I guess this is my pops old stash of cash.”

2 Chainz‘s father died in 2012, just as the Dope Don’t Sell Itself rapper’s solo career was taking off. Last March, 2 Chainz talked about getting the hustler’s spirit from his pops during his digital cover story with XXL, which focused on Tity Boi’s business prowess.

“My daddy sold bricks and he sold weed,” 2 Chainz told XXL. “My mama’s mama, she was a bootleg lady. My mama was into real estate when I was young. My daddy never had a job. I never remember him getting up early. I never remember him complaining about being in traffic from coming home late from work. I don’t remember none of that. I remember Cadillacs and I remember my uncle having plenty of jewelry.”

“I had an uncle who owned a liquor store,” he added. “He employed all of my uncles. A lot of that stuff was just stuff that I was subconsciously peeping out. Like, how to do it by yourself. I’m a hustler as well.”

Check Out Video of 2 Chainz Finding His Father’s Money Stash Below

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