Ahnwar Preaches Godly Priorities and Family Values In Latest Single “Everything U Need” 

With powerful vocals and soul-elevating sounds, Ahnwar Yancey focuses on improving the work-life balance in his recent single “Everything U Need.” The multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and composer preaches of Jesus’  healing power and family values in his new album My Therapy.  

The gospel artist released an impactful emotional music video for “Everything U Need,” which tells the story of a man who is on the verge of losing his family, because he cannot manage to juggle between his work and his personal life. Ahnwar’s gospel track celebrates God and His power depicting Yancey’s moral values and his attachment to family and loved ones.

In 2001, Yancey created the R&B group S.O.L.E, deviating from his gospel background. Despite being successful in that genre, Ahnwar realized that what’s missing from his life is the deep connection he has always felt to the church. Ahnwar has now returned to his original sound fully devoting himself, his skills, and his music to praising Jesus Christ. 

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