California based artist “Third I” gives us his record titled “@me” and it’s a hard punching record that will make you want to mosh-pit in a pit of your haters.

Third I is based out in California and wanted to show the world what he’s got, He’s been rapping for 10 years and wants us to know he’s coming for his spot. Third I want’s to give his audience some inspiration within his music and the way he lives his life. In “@me” he’s expressing his anger and giving us a look through his eyes as the world is treating him wrongly, over the years and Third I is not taking it anymore.

If you like “Punk-hiphop” this record is one you need to be listening to and playing in your mosh-pits ( but let’s socially distance .. maybe we’ll set up a VR mosh-pit session for all of us to jam to @Me) this is going to be the record of 2021 specially with COVID-19 messing us all up right now world wide we feel like Third I is speaking for all of us when we have anger towards any situation.

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