Pnpmar Drops Two Of The Most Heavy-Hitting Hip-Hop Releases From Recent Months

With two soul-stirring releases, “Pain” and “Fire,” Pnpmar establishes himself as one of the industry’s most upfront and sincere artists. Both tracks will stay with you for a while after you hear them. The effect they leave will stay with you, make you feel and rethink a lot that happened, revalue many who’ve come across. Both “Pain” and “Fire” concentrate on the theme of betrayal, depression, anger, and disappointment. They place the seeds of deep dives into your life and spark a challenging psychological rollercoaster in your head. Both songs make you cope with your own betrayal stories while hearing the artist’s naked to the core truth and confessions. 

As an accomplished and renowned songwriter/performer, Pnpmar delivers all of the depth and emotionality of the theme of betrayal through heavy-hitting beats, atmospheric grooviness, robust and urban poetry, enchanting soundscapes, and overall flawless production.