Lux Beauregard’s Baroque Pop Single “Fireworks” Talks Beauty, Love & Tragedy

Owensboro, KY, Indie singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard recently unveiled a debut baroque-pop single, “Fireworks,” in which she talks about the coexistence of beauty, love and tragedy, all imagined and created while the pandemic was hitting the hardest in 2020. The synchronicity between her vocals and the instrumentals reflects her skillset to work into multiple aesthetical directions at once, all the while remaining in full-control over the organic emotions she conveys to the listener. Thanks to this debut, Lux Beauregard has a lot of eyes on her career already, a totally deserved fact as she combines an intriguing charisma with aesthetic explorations in terms of sound and overall atmosphere, without forgetting to add a profound meaning to this brilliant release. We clearly ask for more!