NewFLo Brody x Nari Millz _ Up Right Now

Brooklyn, NY – NewFLo Brody links up with Nari Millz for their record “Up Right Now” that’s hosted by Hip-Hop legend Fat Joe the record is perfect for anyone who’s at a low point and needs some inspiration as the record is about going better than you were, If you’re down right now, just stay on your grind and you’ll come up.

NewFLo has that of a North and South appeal in his sound and you can tell he’s found a way to merge some old school lyricism with new-age sounds of trap. His in your face attitude will have you searching him up on Spotify wanting some more. Teaming up with Nari Millz the two of them have perfect chemistry on the mic and on camera.

Nari hit’s us with her attention-grabbing lyrics and hot girl attitude, letting us know that she’s putting on for all female artists and has what it takes to hold up in a male-dominated industry that’s seeing more and more extremely talented females. Both artists are on a rise and we’re looking forward to seeing that they release next.

We got a chance to talk to NewFLo Brody about this release and ask him a few questions.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Fort Lauderdale when I was 14. I developed my music career while living in Florida. I moved back to New York in 2015.

Tell us about how the “up right now” project came to life

Up right now was the last song on my upcoming EP. It caught the ears of Fat Joe and he ended up hosting the song.

How did you link up with Nari?

Nari did a cameo in my music video ” No Issues”.

What’s coming up in the future?

Dropping a new EP in 2021

If you had the opportunity to work with anyone from New York right now who would you work with?

I would work with Fabolous

Be sure to check out NewFLo Brody instagram and stream his music on spotify