“Do What I Want” Feat The Wicker Twinz Is A Staggering Release By Lil Shxwn

The world of Hip-Hop got bombarded by Lil Shxwn with his latest release titled “Do What I Want,” featuring The Wicker Twinz (Solai and Yoni). The music video is directed by D. Ferg, featuring an empowering performance by the young artists. Their vibe creates a strong resonance with the viewer, and displays a sturdy execution by the artists that will go a long way in terms of success. 

Nelly’s nephew, Lil Shxwn is a true musical prodigy. His years of experience being surrounded by the heavyweights of the industry truly show concrete results. He has learned from the great’s how to perform, how to act, how to produce, how to rise in the ranks of a multitude of artists. 

The Wicker Twinz are a great duo that adds to Lil Shxwn’s voice, and together they recorded an outstanding release that resonates with viewers on various levels. The production is of the highest quality and will undoubtedly pave the way for Lil Shxwn’s rise in music.